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Advantages of ejaculating dildo

Whether you are man or a girl, dildo is a really good sex toy, especially if you like playing with yourself. There are tons of sex dolls and dildos, however, the most popular one is probably ejaculating dildo. There are many advantages using this toy, in this post I will outline most of them.

Variable size – there are plenty of size choices. Whether you like small penis inside your asshole or really big ones tearing you apart. The choice is yours. Not only size in length but also width. If you are really that extreme, you can always get thirteen inches long and 3 or even 5 inches thick. Can your vagina or asshole handle it?

Ejaculation – there are new dildos out there that can actually ejaculate liquids. If you like it rough or dirty, you can fill it with cream and have facial or “cum” inside your asshole. This will make your solo way more exciting, especially when you can imitate the actual cumming. Of course you fill it with whatever you prefer – water, milk, juice or even wine … 😀

Safe – meeting guys outside your friend-zone can be quite dangerous. It does not matter if you love sex very much, getting raped can be very disturbing. Playing with dildo is way safer, you dictate the pase or position. You can also ride the cock so both of your hands are free to finger yourself and/or stimulate the nipples. Not only that but dildos are very safe as they do not transmit STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). There is no way to get infected by sliding plastic dick inside your asshole.

Quite cheap – of course, there is no man who would resist free sex but if you truly wish to have a pleasure, you might have to hire escort ir gigolo which can get expesnive. You can buy ejaculating dildo for under $100.