Top Things We Learned From Porn Movies

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Porn industry generates revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars annually and it is still considered one of the most profitable in the entire world. There are several world capitals of porn movies, including LA in America and Budapest in Europe, so when it comes to HD porn free, there is nothing left unsaid. However, one too often the porn productions were publicly shamed because they created unrealistic situations and generated false expectations about women and men worldwide. But really, a porn movie is a fantasy per se – every situation is turned into a sexual one and all men and women seem forever aroused, perfectly shaved and ready for sex. So, here are some of the things that porn movies have thought us about our lives which have absolutely no correlation to reality:

All teachers like to be gangbanged

In most of porn movies teachers are depicted as sexy women covered with hideous clothing but wearing absolutely gorgeous underwear and are always ready to punish bad students. We mainly talk about more than 3-4 students, so teachers often enjoy a good gangbang with their students. Nobody ever questions the morality or integrity of the situation or even the fact that, in real life, most students are underage.


Pool boys get a lot of sex

I don’t know if you ever worked off a summer as a pool boy, but let me tell you from the start: it’s a lie! Pool boys don’t get a lot of sex, especially not from hot sexy blondes and curvy women. In fact, all pool boys will ever get is a police warning if they stare too closely to their employers.


Women who are home alone are just waiting for robbers

Again, whenever you look at a porn movie that has some robbery action, you will see hot single women waiting with their front doors open and inviting burglars to enter the home and have sex with her.


Increased Demand For Shemale Porn

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According to the latest web research, the demand for Shemale porn videos is increased by 10%. It will be increased during the following year as well, and the growth rate is expected to be additional 14%. The additional survey found that mostly men are interested in this porn category and the time, they spend watching these videos is increasing also.

This category is so popular due to the versatile actions that may occur in the videos. There are a lot of possibilities and the category itself cannot be easily explained. Viewers of the Shemale porn videos are straight, gay and bisexual men, but an interesting fact is that women are more and more interested in this category as well. A great fact is that there are a lot of videos of this type. If your favorite tube is adding more videos of this type than ever before, now you know why.

Shemale porn among teenagers

Another fact that two, mentioned surveys were able to find is that teenagers are more interested in this category as well. We all know that they like experimenting and like trying new and different things. The category in question is perfect for them, and there are more of teenagers who prefer shemale porn than those who like rough porn, for example.

On the other hand, teen shemale porn is very rare and videos of this type are usually banned, on most porn tubes, due to some reason. Still, now there are servers which allow this sub-type of porn and it is perfectly legal. It is possible to share and to download videos free of charge, which is a great addition and even better possibility. Keep in mind that shemale porn videos are perfectly legal and they are treated as other types of porn, there is no difference.





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